Region: Valladolid

AALTO was created in February 1999 when Mariano Garcia - who had been Vega Sicilia's winemaking director for 30 years - and Javier Zaccagnini - for 6 years head of Ribera del Duero's Consejo Regulador - decided to join their expertise in a very special project: to make a wine that in a space of 15-20 years should reach the quality of the best wines in the world. The 2012 placed sixth on Wine Spectator's Top Wines of 2015.

Abadia De Acon

Region: Burgos

Abadía de Acón is located in the heart of the D.O. Ribera del Duero, in Castrillo de la Vega, Burgos. The original cellar, created out of rocky clay, is one of the deepest and largest in Castrillo de la Vega. Here, during many centuries, our family made wines using traditional methods. In 1953 our grandfather, Norberto Carrasco, built concrete vats in the cellar and, through a wise combination of concrete and wood, managed to make graceful, fruity, mature and elegant wines. Since then we kept taking care of the land and vineyards, making wine thanks to the traditional way and using the knowledge necessary to realize our current project. Today it is Jose Antonio Carrasco who has inherited his grandfather's wisdom to bring forward a great wine to his children and grandchildren so that our company remains during a long time.

Abadia La Arroyada

Region: Burgos

Bodegas Abadía la Arroyada was founded by Vicente Muñoz Muñoz in Terradillos de Esgueva. He comes from a family with a long viticulture tradition. As a matter of fact his grandfather, Vicente Muñoz Vivar, devoted himself to elaborate large quantities of wine. In addition, he sold this wine to the local inhabitants. It is worth saying that some of those vineyards planted by that Vicente Muñoz are still producing grapes for Abadía la Arroyada’s best wines.


Region: Soria

1998 was the year chosen by the anonymous family Aceña Monge to start this authentic small winery led by the experienced hands of Jesus Ayuso and Rebeca Juan Palomo.

Adrada Ecologica

Region: Burgos

Bodega y Viñedos Adrada Ecológica, located in Adrada de Haza, a small village in Ribera del Duero, were set up in response to our dream of producing a small amount of high quality wines while protecting the natural environment. The quality of our wine comes from the way the vineyards are treated. We allow the laws of nature to rule the soil and crops. Kirios de Adrada is the first organic Ribera del Duero wine and it has the certificate of two denominations.

Alberto y Benito

Region: Valladolid

The winery is located in a small village in Valladolid called Fompedraza. The Benito Hernando brothers – Gaspar, Fernando and Javier -- have followed in their father's footsteps to produce quality wine and revitalize the winemaking traditions of the region. The family cultivates the jewel of of Ribera del Duero, the Tempranillo or Tinto Fino grape, at altitudes reaching 910 meters. The 77 hectares of vines are tended with care and the award-winning Briego wines reflect the quality and devotion to the craft.

Alejandro Fernandez-Tinto Pesquera

Region: Valladolid

From his 200 hectares of breathtaking vineyards, Alejandro makes wines in which the wood has great respect for the fruit. Over time, the wines become more complex and nuanced without losing their original character; a phenomenon that has made the name Tinto Pesquera synonymous with fine wine from Ribera del Duero.

Alto Sotillo

Region: Burgos

Since our inception we are focused on four objectives: to make wines of the highest quality, maintain a constant capacity for innovation, work in total harmony with the environment and be useful to the community to which we belong. As we love what we do, our wines are the fruit of constant effort and dedication that makes us simply unique.


Region: Valladolid

Our winery is located in Curiel de Duero, in the heart of the Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero. We work hard to make perfect wine through a combination of traditional winery techniques with modern technologies. Between 1920 and 1930, Don Pedro Nunez de la Cuesta planted vineyards in Valdecuriel, and some of them are still in service. Between 1980 and 1990, Don Gervasio Granado, who is famous for its talent in making wines, began to plant new vineyards with the brand new trellising techniques. This was the beginning of the brand new winery, situated in a new building at the foot of our vineyards Valdecuriel y las Pinzas. The winery is surrounded by mountains; that is why the winery is called Bodegas Altogrande.

Altos de Ontanon

Region: Burgos

We have owned our vineyard land and small winery in Ribera del Duero, located just outside of the small town of Sotillo, for just over nine years. We have fallen in love with the region and its unique expression of our most beloved and important grape variety - Tempranillo. We look forward to working with this land in expressing it’s character for many generations to come.

Alvarez y Diez

Region: Valladolid

In 1941, Mr. Modesto Alvarez Romero and Mr. Eladio Díez Ossorio created the company Alvarez y Diez, S.A. and the winery was born. Currently, as a small tribute to these pioneers, it continues to carry their name.

Anta Banderas

Region: Burgos

The Anta Banderas project began in 1999, when it was decided to turn a dream into reality. They began to build the winery in the heart of the Ribera del Duero to produce high quality wines in over 230 hectares of their own vineyards. It was an attraction to wine that led to the birth of Anta Bodegas. Our objective is to produce wines of high quality in D.O Ribera del Duero, which could become a landmark in the global wine scene. Ten years later, in June 2009, with the incorporation of the actor Antonio Banderas in the company, the winery was renamed ANTA BANDERAS. The biography of Antonio Banderas demonstrates how much he has always loved the history and culture of wine, right from his early days as a young actor.

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