Spain's most prestigious regionS for red and white wine

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Gift Wrapped Wine

Easy Entertaining Look no further than the Spanish pantry for most of your holiday entertaining needs. A spread of tinned fish, olives, and potato chips may be all you need, but pintxos, jamón Serrano (or Ibérico for the splurge),  and of course, Spanish cheeses will round things out. And if you want to zhugh up your tablescape, we’ve […]

Exalted Coverage

Chefs are no exception. The most coveted and highly scored Tempranillos in Spain have long graced award-winning restaurant wine lists, and that shows no sign of slowing down. And when one of the world’s most prominent Spanish chefs calls out Rueda Verdejo as one of the “absolute best wines for food,” as José Andrés did […]

Harvest Great Memories

In the heart of Ribera del Duero in Peñafiel, the harvest festivals get underway in September and continue into October. People take to the streets in costume, participate in foot treading (grape crushing), and drink sips of the grape must called mosto. Finished wine is not far from the celebration either. One event called Riberjoven […]

Ribera y Rueda Say Cheese!

Click here for Cheese Pairing Guide First, a little background. The American Cheese Society (ACS) is the gold-standard organization for American cheesemakers, small and large, retailers, distributors, scientists, chefs, and pretty much anyone whose profession and/or passion intersects with cheese. The ACS also hosts a huge cheese competition that culminates in its annual “best cheeses” […]

The Perfect Glass

This is no more important than it is in Ribera del Duero and Rueda, where Tempranillo and Verdejo are made and aged in a variety of styles. This translates to a search for glassware that will accentuate the components of each and keep the wines in balance from nose to palate. History in a glass […]

Women in Wine in Ribera y Rueda

A balance shift The evidence of women winemakers is no more apparent than in Rueda in Spain’s Castilla y León, where nearly two-thirds of the region’s 74 wineries are helmed by women, whether as winemakers, technical directors, and in some cases, both. In neighboring Ribera del Duero, the percentage of women winemakers is far fewer. […]

Cellared Wine for the Ages

First, let’s get some semantics out of the way. This is not about wine collecting as an investment. We’ll leave that for another day and maybe another lifetime. Instead, this is about how to get the most bang for your buck when you’d like to put a few wines down for that special occasion or […]

Trends, Wines & Bite

These new flavors include foods and spices from Nigeria and in Asia, Laos, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand. Not only are we enthusiastically embracing flavors from these countries, but it also turns out Rueda Verdejo loves them just as much. So too the Peruvian Japanese cuisine called Nikkei that has now made its way onto […]