Spain's most prestigious region for red and white wine

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Wine Enthusiast - October 31, 2023

Versatile Verdejo: Get to Know Spain’s Beloved White Grape

Walk into any bar in Spain and order white wine and you will likely be handed a glass of Verdejo from Rueda. The number one white wine in Spain, Rueda Verdejo has long been known as a bright, refreshing pour that delivers bang for the buck. While much of the attention on Spanish wine

Jose Andres - September 30, 2023

One of the Absolute Best Wines for Food

The thing that I love about Verdejo is that is has this beautiful, intoxicating aroma—tropical fruit, flowers, apple, and lime—but it also has a stunning acidity. Many wines that have that sort of aroma are low in acid, and the wines that are high in acid don’t have that exotic aroma. So in many ways it’s the best of two worlds!

Mandi Robertson: The Suburban - September 30, 2023

Mandi Robertson: Five things to know about Rueda wines

%%excerpt%% It’s no shocker that in summer I gravitate towards wines that are refreshing or crisp and often times that means opening up a bottle of wine from Rueda, Spain. If you are looking for something a little different than your average Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, you’ve got to try Rueda wines, and here are five excellent reasons why, along with my top recommendations.

Falstaff International - September 30, 2023

Leona de Pasquale: Five Things you Need to Know about Verdejo

Verdejo can be a real crowd-pleaser in its sparkling and fruity still wine forms, but it can also be serious or diverse. With its wide-ranging styles, it can easily be a wine to be served on the table all year round.

Restaurant Wine - September 21, 2023

Focus on Rueda

Wine has been produced in this high altitude region in central Spain, just northwest of Madrid, since at least the 9th Century. Its primary grape variety today, Verdejo, is a native variety, known to have been cultivated here since the 11th Century.

Wine Country International - September 21, 2023

Wine Country International by Wine Country Network, Inc

This issue features our visit to Spain’s dynamic Ribera Del Duero wine region, where talented growers and winemakers use new techniques to create high-quality wines from high-altitude vineyards.

ROBB REPORT - September 21, 2023

7 Best Wines From Spain’s Ribera del Duero

A collection of winemakers have felt the rules for upper-echelon wines were getting to restrictive, so they started experimenting with high-quality bottlings and just labeled the cosechas,

ROBB REPORT - September 20, 2023

The Spanish Revolt

In the venerated Ribera del Duero region, rule-breaking winemakers are proving you can’t judge a bottle by its label.

Forbes - July 19, 2023

Two Affordable Spanish Wine Styles To Satisfy Weeknight Cravings

Rueda wines are gathering attention worldwide at the moment. In 2021 a new classification, Gran Vino de Rueda, was activated for bottlings from vineyards 30+ years old, along with specific yield requirements. This might be the time to get in on these wines, with plenty of $20 and under bottles available.

Wine Enthusiast - April 5, 2023

The Differences Between Rioja and Ribera del Duero, Explained

In Spain, if you want vino tinto, or red wine, you usually order by region, asking the waiter to bring a glass of Rioja or Ribera del Duero. Both regions produce ageworthy, Tempranillo-based red wines with bold fruit flavors and notes of toast and spice.

Wine Country Network - April 3, 2023

Spain’s Epic White Wine Country

Rueda is one of Spain’s only designated white wine regions. Today the region produces more than 41% of Spain’s white wine production. The primary grape Verdejo is native to the area. Sauvignon is second in popularity. Other white grapes include Viura, Palomino Fino, Viognier, and Chardonnay. Visiting during Harvest was an extra exceptional experience.

Santé Magazine - February 22, 2023

6 Questions & a Story

Ribera del Duero and Rueda are two neighboring wine regions in the middle of northern Spain which, like dozens of other regions around the world, would love to sell more wine in the U.S. Most people in the trade are familiar with Ribera’s reds, with its icons such as Vega Sicilia and Pingus as well as loads of lesser-known value wines. Still, fewer know about the whites of Duero and their growing quality and value.

The Gazette - January 18, 2023

Wine Guy: Enjoy these Spanish and Portuguese white wines

Considering white wines from around the world, those from Spain and Portugal arguably are among the least known by consumers. And among the white wines of Spain and Portugal, Spain’s Rueda (verdejo grape) gets less attention than ... Let’s rectify that situation.

Robb Report - December 12, 2022

Wine Blending, Explained: How Great Vintners Craft Their Vino

On the Spanish side of the Douro River, in Ribera del Duero, winemaking at Vivaltus is performed by Montxo Martínez alongside Jean-Claude Berrouet, who made 40 vintages of Petrus before his son Olivier took over at the storied Bordeaux château. Vivaltus 2017 is made with 96 percent Tempranillo, three percent Cabernet Sauvignon and one percent Merlot.

Fredric Koeppel - October 13, 2022

Rueda — A Spanish Region Wine Lovers Should Know More About

If they were pressed to do so, most semi-sophisticated consumers could probably name a few of Spain’s better-known wine regions, at least as they are marketed in America — Rioja, Penedes, Navarra, Rias Baixas, La Mancha, Calatayud. How about Rueda? Just as I thought.

James Suckling - July 22, 2022

Top Value Verdejo Wines by James Suckling

Verdejo rarely gets the attention it deserves outside Spain even though it can deliver heritage, diversity and value in one go. For consumers who want to spend less but drink better every day, a refreshing verdejo is a great choice for summer sipping, even though its dry, crisp and bright style is by no means traditional.

Apstein on Wine - July 13, 2022

Wines from Spain’s Ravishing Rueda are Perfect for Summer

The hot and muggy days of summer call for zippy refreshing wines. While many people reach for rosés at this time of the year, I find most of them to be innocuous, lacking character. Instead, I suggest trying Spanish whites from Rueda.

MAXIM - April 11, 2022

Why Verdejo Is The World’s Next Great White Wine & Tempranillo Is The King of Grapes in Spain

Ask any Spaniard to tell you their favorite Spanish white wine, and it’s a good bet they’ll answer Verdejo. As Spain’s number one selling white wine, Verdejo’s popularity is undeniable. Ask some of the world’s most famous winemakers inside and outside of Spain to name their favorite Spanish white wine, and the answer is likely going to be the same. Winemakers from other parts of Europe as well as within Spain view Verdejo as a grape with huge potential. As a result, these winemakers have been quietly putting down roots – literally – for the past four decades in Rueda, Verdejo’s primary growing region.

Santé Magazine - April 1, 2022

The Dozen – In Rioja’s Shadow

Almost anyone who knows Spanish wines knows a little about Rioja, considered the country’s premier red wine region. Ribera is located a little farther inland south and west of Rioja and, like Rueda, lies along the Duero River (which becomes the Douro when it reaches Portugal). But while both regions have made wine for years, they did not get their appellations until the early 1980s.


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