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Pimientos de Padrón with Aioli

Padron Peppers

Spanish-Style Blistered Peppers



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Pimientos de Padrón with Aioli

Blistered Peppers Recipe by Chef Joshua Whigham

Blistered Padron Peppers

Servings: 4 people
Prep Time: 8 min
Total Time: 8 min


• 8oz Padron Peppers -or- Shishito Peppers
• 1oz Olive Oil
• Kosher Salt; to taste
• Maldon Sea Salt; to taste


• Heat a cast iron pan to medium high heat.
• Add the Olive Oil then the Peppers and sauté.
• Allow the Peppers to sit for a few seconds before each time moving to prevent them from burning. If the Cast Iron is too heavy to sauté, use a Wooden Spoon to sauté the Peppers until done.
• Once the Peppers begin to wilt or soften, season with kosher salt. By waiting for the peppers to soften, the salt will absorb into the peppers vs. the peppers being hard or crunchy and the salt bounces off them.
• Total cook time is about 8 minutes.
• Once the Peppers are soft or al dente, arrange them on the plate.
• Fill a ramekin with Aioli and then dust it with Pimenton. Arrange on a plate next to the peppers.
• Finish the dish with a little Maldon Sea Salt.

Note: The peppers should be cooked to order, but it’s ok to cook them a head of time. If you have oil for frying ready, carefully drop them in the fryer. Have something to cover the fry to avoid oil splatter from popping. Remove from the fryer and place on a plate lined with
paper. Season with salt and

Shopping List

• Padron or Shishito Peppers
• Garcia de la Cruz Olive Oil
• Kosher Salt
• Maldon Sea Salt

Aioli Recipe (for dipping)


• 2g Garlic, Peeled
• 2T Water
• 2ea Eggs
• 2C Blended Oil 75/25
• .75t Kosher Salt


• To make blended oil, measure out .75cp of Canola oil. Then add .25cp of Olive Oil to equal 1cp of Blended Oil.
• Place the garlic, water, whole eggs and salt in to a tall sided container.
• Place the Immersion Blender in the mixture and turn on.
• Slowly add the Blended Oil until an emulsion is made. Check for seasoning.

Aioli Shopping List

• Whole Garlic
• Eggs
• Canola Oil
• Garcia de la Cruz Olive Oil
• Kosher Salt
• Immersion Hand Blender