Spain's most prestigious regionS for red and white wine

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Winter Whites, Late Summer Reds

When the summer season breathes its last symbolic gasp on Labor Day and the colors at the farmers’ markets begin to transition from bright yellows and ruby reds to dark greens, purples, and oranges, the wines in our glasses begin to change too.  Summertime is all about refreshing whites and rosés. Reds make an appearance […]

The History of Tapas

In the United States, you will not find such “gifts” at wine bars or at most restaurants when ordering a glass of wine, but in many parts of Spain, the opposite is true. In Southern Spain, order a copa de vino, and chances are a complimentary tapa will accompany your glass of wine. This can […]

The King of Grapes

Ribera del Duero, which translates to the riverbanks of the Duero, is mostly a high plateau ranging from 2,200 to 2,800 feet. It is host to as many as 30 different soil types, though mostly sand, limestone, chalk, and sand, all of which contribute to the distinctive nature of the region’s dominant grape, Tempranillo. To a […]