Spain's most prestigious regionS for red and white wine

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Winter Whites, Late Summer Reds

When the summer season breathes its last symbolic gasp on Labor Day and the colors at the farmers’ markets begin to transition from bright yellows and ruby reds to dark greens, purples, and oranges, the wines in our glasses begin to change too.  Summertime is all about refreshing whites and rosés. Reds make an appearance […]

Bucket List Wine Destination

It is often said that wine is life, but in Ribera del Duero and Rueda, it is more. Wine represents the roots in the soil and the root of the soul. Each glass made here represents the area’s ancient past and its slow, steady march toward modern winemaking. Castles dominate the landscape in these regions, […]

White Wine for All Seasons

A wine for all seasons Unlike many white wines, Rueda Verdejo has depth and complexity that winemakers finesse into three main styles. That translates to this singular grape becoming everything from a summer sipper to a winter white, a youthful wine to an aged one. Like the seasons themselves, Verdejo transitions seamlessly and beautifully from […]

The World’s Next Great White Wine

Despite the fact the grape was brought to the area from North Africa ten centuries ago, it’s still nothing short of a miracle that renowned winemakers have been drawn to the area. The climate in Rueda, located in northwest Castilla y León, is harsh. The rocky soils seem as if they would be inhospitable to […]

Get to Know Rueda

When winemaking began in Rueda around 1,000 years ago, it’s a wonder anyone would have thought to plant grapes in this region of extremes – blisteringly hot summers, bitterly cold winters, and a relatively high altitude. Happily, the local monks and the Verdejo grape, native to North Africa, arrived in the region at about the […]